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Starrunner is Ryan Behling (bass/vox), Oscar Loubriel (drums/vox), Peter James Zubinski (keyboards/vox) and Dallas Wade (guitar/vox).  Though Ryan is the original vocalist of the band, he was the third bassist after co-founder Scott Shellberg and his replacement Allan Borukovich. 
Starrunner has toured nationally, playing over 500 shows in over half of the states in the US.  In 2005, they were listed as one of the top five Road Warriors with the fifth most shows of any band that year!  Incedentally, number one went to our good friends 56 Hope Road!  Check it the Best of 2005 article here.  Starrunner played a lot of world class clubs nationally including Martyrs’ in Chicago, the Lawrence Theater in Lawrence, KS, Cervante’s Ballroom in Denver, and they were staples at Camp Reggae in Tennessee Smokey Mountains.
The band recorded an EP the week they got together called the “Super Buddha Sessions” and also released a full length titled “Overstand” which was a favorite of the Home Grown Music Network and continues to get the band airplay.  It is available on itunes and Rhapsody
The band is currently on hiatus. 
Here is an article!