Miscellaneous Projects:
Through the years, there have been many side projects.  Some that took shape and others that only lasted for one show or one recording session.  Here are a few of the notable projects. 
Behling/Shellberg/Wagner – Damage Control
Super Budda Friday Night Sessions – 1999-2001?
In 1998, Dave Wagner, fellow memeber of Henderson Inches and the Other Guys, opened a recording studio between Pilsen and Chinatown on Chicago's near-south side.  Scott and Ryan helped Wagner in the building and operation of the studio and, after the studio became fully operational, it become understood that Friday nights were off limits to clients because there of the weekly recording/jam session featuring Dave, Ryan and Scott regularly and often many special guests ocassionally.  When it was just the three of them, they came up with what is the beginning of an unfinished album.  Take a listen below.  Enjoy.  
Fish in the Water
When Will We Get Home
All That I Dreamed
All the Day
No Choice
Track 10

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